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Orion Signets by Black Fawn Jewelry
Hex Diamond Engagement Ring
Opal Starlight Necklace
Hand Carved Black Diamond Wedding Rings
Opal and Sapphire Cosmos Signets
Heirloom Diamond Mixed Metals Pendant by Black Fawn Jewelry
Stargazer Signet by Black Fawn Jewelry
Hand Carved Fancy Color Diamond Wedding Band
Sonoran Gold Turquoise in 14k
Black Diamond Dark Star Signet
White Sapphire Wedding Band
Stargazer Signet by Black Fawn Jewelry
Sunstone Starlight Medallions
Golden Hills Lavender Turquoise Rings
Black Onyx Ring
Black Diamond and Quartz Ring
Mixed Metal Pendants
Diamond Starlight Medallion
Custom Opal Ring Set
Black Diamond Engraved Fern Ring
Orion Signet by Black Fawn Jewelry
Josephine's Crown Statement Necklace
Hand Engraved Signet Ring
Hand Carved Salt and Pepper Diamond Wedding Ring
Salt and Pepper Diamond Hex Ring
Royston Turquoise Wreath Necklace
Hex Diamond Engagement Ring
North Star Necklace with Pietersite and Sapphire
Engraved Diamond Ring Stack
Josephine’s Crown Pendant
Persian Turquoise and Diamond Engagement Ring
New Lander Stargazer Ring
Australian Opal Pendant
Black Diamond Earrings
Turquoise With Pyrite Statement Ring
Hand Carved Salt & Pepper Diamond Wedding Band
Black Diamond New Lander Stargazer Ring
Salt and Pepper Diamond Hex Ring
Statement Rings
Black Diamond Starset Ring
Hand Carved Fancy Color Diamond Wedding Band
Opal Dagger Rings by Alicia Bucks
Pietersite Dagger Ring
Black Diamonds and Rosecut Tourmalinated
Petrified Palmwood Statement Necklace
Opal and Sapphire Stargazer Ring
Golden Spike Earrings
Golden Hills Lavender Turquoise Ring
Orion Signet
Opal Rings
Pietersite Necklace
Diamond Stacking Rings
Turquoise Textured Shadowbox Rings
Pietersite North Star Necklace
Royston Turquoise Ring
White Sapphire Wedding Band
Keum Boo Statement Rings
Bead Set Black Diamond Bands
Gilded Facet Rings
Dagger Rings by Black Fawn Jewelry
Hidden Depths Rings
Black Fawn Jewelry
New Lander Stargazer Ring
Opal Rings Black Fawn Jewelry
Whitewater Turquoise Pendant
Black Onyx Overlay Ring
Royston Turquoise Ring
Opal Ring Set
Damele Leaf Shadowbox Ring
Opal Dagger Rings
Mexican Boulder Opal Mens Ring
White Buffalo Ring
Statement Rings

Silver & Gold adornments, meticulously handcrafted in Portland, Oregon.



Black Fawn Jewelry is a one woman operation, run by owner/designer/goldsmith, Alicia Bucks. Her passion is to turn unique natural stones into wearable reminders of the wonder and beauty of nature. All pieces are made completely by hand using traditional techniques and genuine gemstones, making each creation a one of a kind piece of art.

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