All Black Fawn Jewelry pieces are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon by owner, designer, & goldsmith Alicia Bucks. 


Each piece is a labor of love, brought into existence over the course of many hours & often multiple days. All metal work is done by hand by Alicia, starting from sheet and wire, using traditional metalsmithing techniques.  Each stone is carefully chosen for its unique beauty and inspires a design that aims to showcase that beauty. 

Alicia takes pride in using only high quality materials in her jewelry. All pieces are crafted with solid Fine/Sterling Silver and Gold, which is sourced in the USA, and genuine gemstones cut by reputable lapidary artists or by Alicia herself. Environmentally sustainable, ethical, & conflict-free practices are top priorities in the materials selection process. 100% of diamonds used in Black Fawn Jewelry are Conflict-Free. For other gems, American-mined and cut stones are used whenever possible, and are typically purchased directly from the miner or lapidary artist, which supports their small family operations and helps to ensure fair pay and safe work environments for miners & stone cutters. 


Black Fawn Jewelry strives to create heirloom quality pieces that are built to last, using beautiful and unique materials that will only increase in value and rarity over time.


To follow along with Alicia in the studio, you can find her on Instagram at instagram.com/blackfawnjewelry

Black Fawn Jewelry