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This captivating ring was individually hand fabricated in solid 14k Yellow Gold to showcase a beautiful rose-cut natural Conflict Free Salt & Pepper Diamond hexagon. 

Perfect as a dainty alternative bridal engagement ring or a sparkly addition to your stack!


US ring size 6.5. 

Diamond Hex Ring | 14k Yellow Gold | Size 6.5 | .475 ct Salt & Pepper Diamond


    This ring is one of a kind and ready to ship! Tracking will be provided upon shipment.


    Ring Size: US size 6.5. Could likely fit a slightly larger finger.

    Diamond Size: approx. 0.475 carats

    Setting Size: approx. 5.6mm long, by 5mm wide

    Shank Width: approx. 1.3mm round band


    This ring was individually handcrafted from scratch by the artist. Your purchase directly supports the artist's family, the families of her raw materials suppliers, and allows her to continue to create beautiful new jewelry to share with the world! Shopping small and local is environmentally sustainable, injects money directly back into the community, and supports safe/fair labor conditions.


    The gold used in this ring is of U.S. origin, sourced from a well respected major supplier of recycled precious metals. This supplier runs on 100% solar power!


    This diamond was purchased from a legitimate and reputable U.S. based diamond dealer and has been guaranteed "conflict free" under the strict regulations of the Kimberly Process and the United Nations.


    Salt & Pepper diamonds are considered "non-traditional," as they would have in the past been discarded due to not being the "flawless" transparent diamonds which are commonly marketed as most desirable. By embracing the unique qualities in Salt & Pepper Diamonds, not only does Diamond jewelry become more accessible to every budget, but the environmental waste of mining exclusively for traditional high clarity colorless Diamonds is greatly reduced. These Diamonds have inclusions which give them their unique "Salt & Pepper" character and add to their beauty. We do not see these inclusions as flaws, but as unique birthmarks left by Mother Earth as the Diamonds formed under intense heat and pressure over millions of years. Please reach out prior to purchase should you have concerns about inclusions that may be present internally or on the Diamond's surface, and we will be happy to send additional photos/videos and answer any questions you may have. These unique birthmarks are what make each Salt & Pepper Diamond completely one of a kind and only add to their charm.

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