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This stunning Dagger Ring features an exceptionally beautiful teardrop of Pietersite, with a patchwork of shimmering chatoyancy reminiscent of moonlit pools.


Ring shank is our iconic and sturdy Sterling Silver scalloped wide band, adorned with impressions created with a Navajo-crafted stamp. Bold, yet comfortable, contouring to the shape of your finger. Ring has been given an oxidized patina and a mirror polish to highlight stampwork. Back is stamped with artist's initials and 925, to indicate Sterling Silver purity. Ring is comprised entirely of solid Sterling and Fine Silver.


A one of a kind collector's piece, handcrafted with love and care.


Please refer to the "Stone Info" section to learn more about this incredible material.


Ring measures just over 8.5 on a ring mandrel with additional breathing room below the bezel. Recommended for size 8.25 fingers, when accounting for wide band fit, although comfort levels for wide band sizing may vary from person to person.


**Payment plans accepted for this item, with a deposit payment of at least one half up front, followed by up to two additional payments. Please refer to the Payment Plan section of the site and get in touch to arrange.**

"Moonlit Pools" | Pietersite Dagger Ring | Size 8.25 Fit

Sold Out

    This gorgeous material is called "Pietersite," named after the man that discovered it in Windhoek, Namibia in 1962.  Pietersite is a rare variety of Quartz, composed naturally of Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye, and Jasper. It is characterized by an incredible chatoyancy and brilliance of life within the stone. Its dominant gold hues are contrasted with deep blue-black, grey, and brown, as well as occasional clear areas. Blue Pietersite is the rarest and most highly coveted form and has been selectively sought out for this release. This stunning gemstone can only be found in limited numbers in very few places on Earth, making it a prized addition to any collection.


    Also known as the "Tempest Stone," Pietersite is said to discharge negative energies and emotional turmoil, bringing about a calm from the storm. Pietersite is a major meditation stone used extensively to calm, de-stress, and soothe. The stone began its journey by being folded and stressed under immense pressure within the earth, yet emerged as something truly spectacular. Because of its tumultuous origins it is said to bring the power to overcome tension and hardship to see life's potential beauty.


    This ring is one of a kind and ready to ship! Tracking information will be emailed upon shipment.

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