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Payment Plans

​In the hopes of getting each piece to a loving home, payment plans may be arranged for any item $150+ that has been listed for at least 24 hours. (Please email or use our contact form to inquire.)

Payment plans require a deposit payment, followed by a payment schedule to pay off the remaining balance, paid via Paypal invoice(s). Total number of payments and exact time frame for payments is determined on a piece by piece basis to accommodate both buyer and seller's needs before entering into the payment plan. Once a payment schedule has been agreed upon by both parties, buyer is expected to follow through with on time payments based on predetermined due dates. 


Once the deposit (initial payment) has been made, the item is placed on "Reserve" on the website, and no other parties are allowed to purchase it. Additional payments must then be made according to the agreed up time frame. Once the item has been paid off, it will be removed from the website and shipped.

The deposit serves to reserve the item, thus taking it off the market for other interested parties who may have purchased it. Payment plans also require much additional legwork, correspondence, and added payment processing fees covered by seller, at buyer's convenience. As such, if the payment schedule isn't followed, seller reserves the right to keep the deposit payment. In the case that payments are not made by the agreed upon date(s), the item will then become available on the website for sale to the general public and the initial deposit payment will be retained by seller. (In the case that multiple payments have been made, and a later payment is missed, only the initial deposit payment will be retained and secondary installment payments will be refunded to buyer.)


For the reasons mentioned above, items purchased through payment plans are also considered Final Sale, meaning they are not eligible for return. Coupons, sales, and other promotions cannot be applied to payment plans.

Thank you for understanding. Please get in touch with any questions/concerns or to inquire about setting up a payment plan. When emailing, please provide your Paypal email address, shipping address, and a proposed payment schedule.

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