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A sky blue oval of Persian Turquoise, glittering with naturally ocurring Pyrite flecks, wrapped in a 14k Yellow Gold bezel and set on a hammer textured double Sterling Silver band.


Created with two individual size 7 rings, final size fits more like a 6.75.


(Hallmarked on the back with 14k and 925 Sterling stamps.)

Turquoise Eye | 14k Gold + Sterling | Persian Turquoise | Size 6.75

Sold Out

    One of a kind and ready to ship in 1-5 business days. Tracking will be provided upon shipment. 


    "Persian Turquoise comes from a number of mines in modern day Iran. The stones from all mines show a great color variation. Many mines were worked around Nishapur, 225 miles east of the southern end of the Caspian Sea, close to old caravan routes. Persian Turquoise has been highly coveted in the middle east for centuries. Firm evidence exists that Persian Turquoise mines were heavily worked beginning in the 10th century, but there is also evidence that some of the mines near the surface may have been exploited as early as 2100 B.C. Persian Turquoise has been used in jewelry for thousands of years and will most likely contiunue to be used for thousand of years more. [...] no English gentleman of the 17th century was regarded as well dressed or well adorned unless he wore jewelry of turquoise. This stone was so highly valued that all 79 of the emeralds in the crown that Napoleon I gave his consort Empress Marie Louise were replaced with Persian Turquoise cabochons." 



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