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High contrast, high drama. Hand carved using the lost wax technique and finished with a dark patina and a shine to highlight texture. 


Available in Sterling Silver with Sterling Silver posts and backings.

Textured Spike Earrings | Sterling Silver

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    Over time, your jewelry's patina will develop its own unique character. To slow changes to the finish of your jewelry, keep it away from liquids, soaps, cosmetics, and other chemicals. Remember to remove your jewelry before any wet, rough, or messy activity (such as bathing, swimming, applying lotions, exercising, or using products like hairspray and perfume). Jewelry cleaning products, such as TarnX tarnish remover, are NOT recommended for oxidized pieces, as they will strip the intentional patina. Jewelry polishing pads, such as this one stocked in the shop, can be used gently to remove tarnish and shine high points.  


    Earrings measure just under 2.5" long.


    Thick enough to be sturdy, but not overly heavy. One earring weighs ~ .22oz / 6.3 grams.

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