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Fit for a queen! This unique ring features an incredible Cultured Opal paired with two sparkling natural faceted White Topaz, set into the band with an antique inspired hand engraved star-setting. Absolutely perfect for celebrating Spring or for an alternative bride.


  • Comfortable half round shank. 


  • Finished with a high polish. 


  • Size 8.5


  • Inner band is hallmarked 925 (Sterling Silver)


*If colors aren't popping when viewing from a computer, please check from a smart phone or email for high res images because web browser photos just don't do this Opal justice.*


***Payment plans accepted for this item, with a deposit payment of at least one third up front, followed by up to two additional payments. Please get in touch to arrange.***

Spring Stargazer Ring with Opal & White Topaz | Size 8.5

Sold Out

    This piece is one of a kind and ready to ship! Tracking will be provided via email upon shipment.


    This ring was created with an exceptionally beautiful cabochon of cultured Opal, aka "Sterling Opal" or "Monarch Opal." Unlike simulated or synthetic Opals, these cultured Opals are compositionally identical to mined Opals. They are the same chemically, optically, and physically as their mined counterparts, but have been grown in an Arizona laboratory over the course of 4-6 years and were then cut and polished into cabochons by an expert lapidary artist. (A cultured Pearl is a good reference point for those unfamiliar with the term.)


    Cultured Opals offer the color-play and light refraction of mined Opals, without the use of any of the dyes used in simulated Opals. The myriad of intense coloration seen in this stone is the result of Bragg diffraction of visible light, as occurs in mined Opal. Furthermore, because the culturing process mimics the way Opals form in nature, each piece of cultured Opal has a diversity of color and variation depending upon the angle and quality of the light it is exposed to. This process results in incredible variation, making each piece of cultured Opal totally unique. Please note, color display will vary greatly depending on intensity and direction of lighting the Opal is exposed to. Additionally, color display of images may vary between different computer monitors/devices when viewing photos.


    I am pleased to be able to provide these gorgeous stones to you in my work, as I believe they provide all of the beauty and individuality of a mined Opal, with the benefit of a much more economical price point. I am committed to the use of only genuine stones in my work and the fact that the resulting stone is geologically identical to mined Opal, without the use of dyes or color enhancement whatsoever, was a crucial deciding factor in choosing to include them in my work. As always, quality is my top priority and after much research I believe these stones to be an asset to any jewelry collection.

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