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A glittering Golden sun rises from dark night skies. The Golden Goddess Necklace adds the perfect amount of drama to any occasion.


Solid Sterling Silver, hand carved using the lost wax technique, bonded with 24 karat Yellow Gold using an ancient gilding technique, and oxidized black for dramatic contrast. 


Gold accents are hand cut and positioned organically before bonding to Silver, making each piece one of a kind. As such, variations are to be expected between each unique piece of jewelry.


Adjustable 16"/18"/20" blackened Sterling Silver rolo chain runs through tube bail, allowing the pendant to lay perfectly flat against the chest. 

Golden Goddess Necklace | 24 karat Gold + Blackened Sterling Silver

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    Pendant measures 2.25-2.5" long.

    Adjustable 16"/18"/20" blackened Sterling Silver rolo chain


    Over time, and with handling, patina (blackened area) will develop its own unique character. High points/areas of most contact will lighten to reveal and highlight the organic texture of the silver and give the piece new dimension as it ages. A protective coating has been applied to prolong this process, however it is natural and to be expected nonetheless.


    To slow changes to the finish of your jewelry, keep it away from liquids, soaps, cosmetics, and other chemicals. Remember to remove your jewelry before any wet, rough, or messy activity (such as bathing, swimming, exercising, or using products like purfumes and hairspray). Jewelry cleaning products, such as TarnX tarnish remover, are NOT recommended for oxidized pieces, as they will strip the intentional patina.


    For any who are interested, patina touch-ups may be arranged for a small fee + shipping costs. To arrange, please feel free to get in touch via

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