Quite possible our favorite Dagger Ring yet! This ring features an out of this world, super high grade talon of natural Australian Variscite (a geological cousin of Turquoise) with swirls of vibrant green and distinct brown spiderweb matrix throughout. It's set in a Fine Silver serrated bezel with a twist rope border. Shank is our iconic and sturdy Sterling Silver scalloped wide band, adorned with impressions created with a Navajo-crafted stamp. Bold, yet comfortable, contouring to the shape of your finger. The perfect ring to celebrate the start of Spring and a one of a kind collector's piece.


Ring has been given an oxidized patina and a soft satin finish to highlight stampwork. Back is stamped with artist's initials and 925, to indicate Sterling Silver purity. Ring is comprised entirely of solid Sterling and Fine Silver.

Australian Variscite Dagger Ring | Size 7-7.25 FIT

  • This ring was created using an exceptionally beautiful piece of natural Australian Variscite, which is a geologic "cousin" of Turquoise, often occuring together in the same deposits and having a very similar molecular composition to Turquoise. 


    This stone is 100% natural and untreated. It is of the estimated less than 5% of Turquoise/Variscite worldwide that is of high enough quality to be made into jewelry without being treated for hardness or needing color enhancement. It has been mined, cut, and polished straight from the Earth without any chemical fillers, resins, or dyes.


    Please treat your piece with care and avoid contact with water, oils, soaps, and chemicals, to protect the natural color of this stone and the intentional oxidation applied to the silver. Please remove before washing your hands or partaking in wet or strenuous activity. (Oxidation may alter slightly over time, but can last for years to come with proper care.)