Vibrant sky blue Kingman Turquoise with fluffy white "cloud" formations, set in a Fine Silver bezel, embellished with a double rope border. Sits on a comfortable half round shank. Comprised of solid Sterling and Fine Silver. High polish finish.


Size 7.75-8

Sky Blue Kingman Turquoise Double Rope Shield Ring | Size 7.75-8

  • This piece is one of a kind and ready to ship!

  • Kingman Turquoise comes from the Kingman mine in Arizona and is prized for the wide variety of vivid colors it produces. The Kingman mine is one of the oldest Turquoise mines in America and was originally discovered by Native Americans over a thousand years ago. It is one of the few American Turquoise mines still in operation.


    This stone has been stabilized to make it more durable for everyday wear. The stabilization process increases the hardness of the stone and helps to lock in the natural color when exposed to the elements over time. The stone has not been dyed or color-treated in any way.