These rings feature intensely blue natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise nuggets, glittered with flecks of naturally occuring Pyrite (Fool's Gold). Each stone is meticulously set in a handcrafted Fine Silver bezel, atop a Sterling Silver base and shank. Finished with a high polish to complement the vibrant coloration of the stones. Due to the individual character of each stone and their rareity, each ring is a one of a kind collector's piece for lovers of natural American Turquoise, from one of the most famous and sought after Turquoise mines in history.


(Available ring is far left in first picture. Slender oval shaped stone.)

"Gold Dust Woman" Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & Pyrite Rings | 7.5

  • The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine in Globe, Arizona produced some of the most famous and adored Turquoise in history. It is highly prized for its vibrant sky blue coloration, clarity, and hardness. Turquoise from this now closed mine is highly sought after and will only increase in value and rareity as time goes on.


    These stones are 100% natural and untreated. They are of the estimated less than 5% of Turquoise worldwide that is of high enough quality to be made into jewelry without being treated for hardness or needing color enhancement.  Please be aware, presence of host rock and/or minor pitting may be present in any untreated stones, as they have been cut and polished straight from the Earth without any chemical fillers, resins, or dyes. These features make each stone unique, and are a part of the character and charm of natural Turquoise.


    Please treat your piece with care and avoid contact with water, oils, and other chemicals to protect the natural color of the stone. Please remove before washing your hands or partaking in strenuous or wet activity.

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