This stunning necklace features a gorgeous high grade piece of rare  Turquoise/Variscite from the Damele mine in Nevada, a mine which is rumored to now be extinct, making it a true collector's piece. Specimens of this size and quality are now extremely hard to come by...


Deep gemmy green pools are bordered by golden brown matrix when viewed in direct sunlight. (The golden brown matrix didn't quite show up in the photos, so feel free to get in touch for a video.)


The Damele cabochon is set in Fine Silver, atop a Sterling Silver base with handmade floral elements. Each leaf and flower was individually handcrafted entirely from scratch. First the design is drawn and sawn out of plain Sterling Silver sheet, then it is hand stamped, filed, formed, soldered, sanded, and polished, making it completely one of a kind, rather than mass produced from a mold and cast.

The pendant hangs directly from a decorative chain, with an adjustable length of 17" or 19" and secure lobster clasp. All connections have been soldered closed for durability. The back of the pendant has been stamped with 925 (Sterling Silver Hallmark) and artist's initials (AB) and given a high polish finish. Pendant and chain are entirely comprised of solid Sterling and Fine Silver.


Truly a one of a kind collector's piece for lovers of American Turquoise/Variscite.


**Payment plans accepted for this item, with a deposit payment of at least one third up front, followed by up to two additional payments. Please refer to our to our Payment Plans guidelines and get in touch to arrange.**

Damele Wreath Necklace | Adjustable Chain: 17"-19"

  • Damele Turquoise/Variscite comes from a small mine outside of Austin, Nevada. Little to no Damele is being produced today, making it a rare and prized collector's stone. Most Damele currently on the market is cut from older rough that can be acquired from only a small group of turquoise dealers and collectors. This piece of Damele was purchased from a reputable American lapidary artist at the Tucson gem fair several years ago. 


    Damele comes in a variety of colors from yellow, gold, greens and grays with a beautiful spider webbing/matrix. It is a well known mine with highly sought after cabochons. This piece of Damale is a great representation of the mine's most sought after color and characteristics. This stone will only increase in value and rareity over time and there will never be another quite like it.


    This stone is 100% natural and untreated. It is of the estimated less than 5% of Turquoise worldwide that is of high enough quality to be made into jewelry without being treated for hardness or needing color enhancement. *Please be aware, presence of host rock and/or minor pitting is often present in untreated stones, as they have been cut and polished straight from the Earth without any chemical fillers, resins, or dyes. These "imperfections" add to their character and charm. Please get in touch prior to purchase if this is a concern to you.


    Please treat your piece with care and avoid contact with water, oils, and soaps to protect the natural color of this stone. Please refer to our policies page for full jewelry care info.

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